Andrew D'Avino

I have always had a passion for photography, ever since I received my first Kodak film camera as a small child. From that point, I was inseparable from my camera. My inspiration at the time were my pet dogs. I would make them leap over a bench seat using food to entice them towards me and snap them as they were jumping in the air. What I loved most was being able to capture those rare expressions you only have seconds to take.

As an adult, life lead me towards a different career path. However, in 2008 my unrelentingly passion for photography encouraged me to up my photographic skills and enrol at TAFE, where I studied photography and graduated in 2010.


Today, I am most inspired by the beauty of nature and wildlife, its unpredictability and its raw expressions. What I enjoy capturing are the emotions found in that quick moment through a lens and being able to share my love of art with others.